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Ukrainian Insurers’ Evening in Baden-Baden

VI International Yalta Forum of Insurance Market Participants

Training – seminar “Technology and technique of insurance product sales”.

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   On the 1st of the February, 2006 in Kiev, Training – seminar “Technology and technique of insurance product sales” took place.
   It was carrying out by author and leading Director of Center business – strategy “Perspective” Vitality Nechiporenko.

   At seminar take part managers of different structures and departments, specialists of such companies as “PROSTO - insurance” JSC, IC “Veksel”, IC “Etalon - Polis”, IC “Aelita”, JSC “European insurance alliance”, JSC IC “Most”, JSC IC “Spececsimstrakh”, JSC IC “Ukrgasprompolis” and others participants.

Program of the seminar:




1 Knowledge- skill –   profession
2 Diagram of entering to acvisitor position  
3 Sales. Sense. Four kinds of exchange.   Salesperson in insurance  .
4 Three basis factors of acvisitor work.
5 Business game “Technology from fortune to success, or 14 stages of sale in insurance ”
6 Constant and variable labor forces at the acvisitor work
7 Key quantifiable indicators of sales
8 Gathering of information about client
9 Typical differences between the work of less qualified and experienced acvisitor
10 Four categories of influential persons in staff of client
11 Eight psychological types of clients
12 Three category of staff
13 Twelve obstacles in salesperson work 
14 Standards of negotiations  efficiency in insurance
15 Matrix of analysis as usual acvisitor’s tool  
16 Main psychological techniques of insurance sales  
17 Three key terms of efficient  
18 Time study during  negotiations: time and stages of taking decisions by client, duration of negotiations , striking up of negotiations, etc.
19 Setting of prior psychological contact
20 Emotions in salesperson work.
21 Accompany of client as key stage of business process and salesperson success   
22 Cycle of sale process, or law of centuries, which is ignored by a lot of persons  
23 Three main categories or who and what must be valued in insurance  
24 Interview of client during negotiations. Tree kinds of questions for caring out  
25 Function “To listen” in actions of acvisitor   
26 Kinds of argues in clients work. Forming of constructive dialog.
27 Objections in insurance. Two kinds of  classification . Kinds. Studying.
28 Role-situation games at acvisitor’s preparation. Conditions of it efficiency.
29 Three main kinds of game. Master – class fragments of caring out games. Training.  
30 Reaction of seminar, or “what should I do the day after tomorrow?

 Here are some opinions of the seminar’s participants:

“…I feel rise and push to action. The form of presentation is nice and understandable, practical use is evident, as You can’t hide anywhere from this information. Marina”.

“Very interesting, unusual, but very catchy.”

“Practical value is undoubted. Total impression is great. ”

“There are many positive emotions, which inspire for active work.”

  "Impressions, urgency, the form of presentation are super. What is the practical value of material?  To my mind, for today this new approach in our terms, but I hope, that in near future we’ll pass to civilized market relations, it means market without “captive”

 “This seminar is very good! I’d like it to be found out by more persons. ”
“I like this training for active participation of its participants in its work ”

“Knowledge, which were presented, were systematic and easy taking. Practical advices were catchy, what is good for it use ”



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